Monday, September 13, 2010

The Absent-Minded Adjunct Instructor

Fall 2003

Last night I forgot to leave my pocketbook in the car trunk and took it with me to the classroom. Then I forgot that I'd forgotten to put the pocketbook in the trunk, and I left it in the classroom. But someone turned it in to the office this morning, setting it next to the umbrella left behind by someone who was also me. And the office workers thanked me for finally picking up my jacket after leaving it in the office for so long, but I had no idea what they were talking about. I saw it hanging over the photocopies, assumed I'd worn it today, and put it on. Which come to think of it probably means that I've left today's jacket somewhere around here. If I wore one. Hmmm.
* * *

[Sorry-- interruption by a student who has been asking everyone about her car keys for the last 25 minutes. I just found them in my pants pocket.]

But on the bright side, yesterday when my son opened a kitchen cabinet looking for potato chips, 100 sharp kabob sticks rained down on him and completely skewered a loaf of bread -- he could have lost an eye-- so I am rejoicing because despite my many shortcomings, today makes the second day in a row I haven't gotten anyone impaled.

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