Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cats' Lunch

At lunch time, I give Mmander his plate of food, and he looks up at me and waits until I set a second plate beside it, with a different kind of food. Then he sniffs each one. Sometimes he chooses to eat the first, sometimes the second, following no pattern that I can figure out-- just whichever smells tastiest today, I guess.

So to be fair I started giving The General a choice too, even though his interests are pretty much limited to quantity. I put two plates down in from of him, and his reject plate becomes the Mmander's first plate. Then Mmander's reject becomes their snack-food for the rest of the day. We may be indulgent, but that doesn't mean we're wasteful.

Or maybe, in Mmander's case at least, this isn't indulgence. Is it indulgent to give someone some say in what he eats, when he clearly wants the opportunity to choose? Seems like it'd be disrespectful not to.

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