Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carpentry Project


The local wildlife kept knocking over our garbage and spreading trash all over the yard, so I decided to construct a bin to hold the garbage cans upright. I had a little trouble hitting the nails exactly right, so they bent over, perhaps a little short of going in far enough to hold things together firmly. And even though I knew to measure everything twice, for some reason no two boards came out the same length-- anywhere near the same length-- but I didn't notice that until the bin was done. So the thing looked like it was sort of lurching this way and that when it was standing still, which it didn't actually do as often as you might think because it moved around with the wind, but nevertheless the bin worked just fine for six years and fairly well for another two until one day it swayed a little too far and didn't get back up again. Soon afterward it disintegrated into its component parts, but by that time I'd had to replace the garbage can, and the new ones have these animal-proof lids, so everything worked out real well.

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