Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Loud Noise


Boom! came a noise from elsewhere in the house. I froze at the kitchen sink and listened.

Boom! came the noise again.

"The house is falling!" I yelped, and ran through the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room looking for fallen masonry and clouds of dust. But the ceiling and also the walls seemed to all be intact. So I stood in the middle of the living room for a couple minutes, listening, but all was silence.

"The house may not be falling," I said, and went back to the kitchen sink.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

I started to re-cross the kitchen, and then a thought occurred. I looked down at the cats' food dishes. No cats were there. I looked on the dining room table and on all of the chairs. No cats. I tippy-toed through the living room, where no cats were on this cat tree, no cats were on that cat tree, and no cats were on the sofa or the chairs. Being out of sight was very suspicious cat-behavior. I stood in the living and waited.

Boom! Boom!

I peeked around the door to the closet-across-from-Elizabeth's room. There were both cats, standing side-by-side with their tails toward me. Each had a paw hooked onto the front of a box fan. They looked at each other, pulled back on the fan in unison, and let it fall forward, hitting the back wall. Boom! They stood a moment, then grasped the fan again, looked at each other, and pulled. Boom!

Cats are loners; they do not work together. They also do not like loud noises like Boom! So this pulling-on-the-fan-thing could not be happening, and consequently I felt disoriented as I stood there watching it happen. Then the cats must have sensed my presence because they looked over their shoulders at me, jumped guiltily, and froze, their paws still hooked on the fan.

We stood frozen and staring at each other in uneasy silence.

"Um . . . distraction snack?" I asked.

They immediately let go of the fan and went trotting off ahead of me, side by side, towards their bowls in the kitchen just like they understood the words "distraction snack."

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  1. That was eight years ago. They've never worked together on anything since then, and I've been unable to teach them to respond to the word "snack," much less "distraction snack."


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